Distance Learning While Schools are Closed

This page will highlight the activities we are doing while our physical classroom is closed.  The learning continues right here!  You will be able to find videos and resources to make your at-home time a little bit more enjoyable.


15 Nature Explore Activities for your family

Nature Explore is a great resource for educators and families and it is one of my favorite online stores.  To visit, click here

Here are 15 amazing activities to guide you through exploring the great outdoors with your little ones.  Older siblings will enjoy these activities too.

IMG_7276 2.jpeg

Play Dough Recipe


Air Dry Clay Recipe

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Create. Make. Play. Show- episode 1


Virtual Story Time


Coloring Rocks Directions


Create. Make. Play. Show- episode 2

Sidewalk Paint Directions

Watercolor Discs Directions

Mini-Make Video

Flour Paint 

Mini-Make Video Sidewalk Paint

BudBurst Buddies

4 Week Plant 

Observation Journal

Flour Paint Directions

Mini-Make Video Watercolor Discs

Hiking Scavenger Hunt from MakeandTakes.com

Salad Spinner Art Directions

Edible Experiments

Mini-Make Video

Nature Art 

Create. Make. Play. Show- episode 3

Rabbit Art Project Directions

Create. Make. Play. Show- episode 4

Egg Carton Math Project Directions

Mini-Make Video

Virtual Quilt

Virtual Quilt

Project Directions

Check out our

Virtual Quilt

Create. Make. Play. Show- episode 5


Mini-Make Video

Plant Watch

Mini-Make Video

Marble Painting

Kitchen Bites Video

Yogurt & Fruit Parfait

Mini-Make Dog Treats


Mini-Make Video

String Art

String Art

Project Directions

Create. Make. Play. Show- episode 6

Hunger Challenge

Hunger Challenge

Recipe Directions

Kitchen Bites Video

Fruit Kabob

Kitchen Bites Video

Chocolate-Dipped Banana

Mini-Make Video

Chicken Treats

Mini-Make Video

Dog Treats

Ice Fishing Activity

Rainy Day Stories

Mini-Make Bathtub Crayons Video

Mini-Make Bathtub Crayons Directions

Mini-Make Grass Head Video

Mini-Make Grass Head Directions

Mini-Make Salt Tray Video

Mini-Make Salt Tray Directions