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Kindergarten Transition Events
for Each of our Elementary Schools.

Parent Orientation is an evening for you, the parent/guardian, to learn more about the curriculum and the registration process. This event is intended for adults. 

Story Time allows your child to enjoy a story and an activity with the kindergarten teachers. This is a great opportunity to meet staff and become acquainted with your future school.

Registration for kindergarten is held at each of the four elementary schools and we also host two evening events for those who are not able to get to the school during the daytime hours. This event is intended for adults only; your child does not need to accompany you.  Pre-registration is completed online.  Once you have filled out the information online, you will complete the registration process at the school by providing residency and medical documents.  Actual registration for Kindergarten requires you to fill out the forms which can be found at this link
Discover Kindergarten is held in the spring for your child to visit his or her future kindergarten rooms and to meet their teachers and peers as well.  You must have registered your child for kindergarten to receive an invitation to this event.


Meet and Greet is held in August prior to the first day of school.  This allows you and your child to visit his or her classroom, meet the teacher, and learn the layout of the classroom.


Click on the elementary school that your child will be attending to get the specific dates and times and to signup for all of the transition activities.

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